MSR AutoFlow Gravity Water Microfilter
MSR AutoFlow Gravity Water Microfilter

MSR AutoFlow Gravity Water Microfilter (0040818095904 )

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The MSR AutoFlow Gravity Microfilter represents the latest evolution in backcountry hydration, combining water filtration, storage and collection into a single, lightweight, pump-free system. 

The supreme ease of the AutoFlow Gravity Filter has converted many backcountry travellers to pump-free water filtration. Now, it offers the luxury of effortless water storage and filtration in a more compact, lightweight and streamlined system. Efficient hollow fiber technology filters up to 1.75 litres per minute, and quick and easy tool-free cleanings maintain high flow rates on extended expeditions. Choose the 4-litre system for groups and base camps. 

  • Weight: 315g
  • Bag dimensions: Width 28.7cm and length 50.8cm
  • Flow rate: Over 1.75 litres per minute
  • Cartridge life: 1500 litres
  • Effective against protozoa and bacteria
  • Filter type: Hollow fibre
  • Filter pore size: 0.2 micron
  • Field maintainable: Can be cleaned repeatedly without disassembly for flow recovery
  • Universal Water Bottle Adapter included: Filter directly into almost any bottle or reservoir
  • Made in USA
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